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Re: Keycode films


Eastman Keykode verification test films are not yet available in Europe.

I've forwarded your online note to Ann Turner, Motion Picture and Television 
Marketing Director, Kodak Limited in London.  Also to Peter Milson, MP&TVI 
Marketing Planning Director in Hemel Hempstead. I'm sure they will be in 
touch with you very soon regarding availability of the test films.

At this time, EASTMAN EXR Primetime 640T Teleproduction Film is still
undergoing testing and evaluation at selected U.S. post-production 
facilities. Information on availability in Europe would best come from Ann. 

Don Ver Ploeg
Consultant to Kodak MP&TV Imaging

verploeg at eznet.net
phone 716/248-8058
fax 716/385-4874