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Re: Green TAF

My motive for asking this is that I was asked by Kodak to look at some 
new TAF that they hoped would hopefully be closer to real world.  I 
compared old 5298 "improved" to new 5298 "improved" TAF.  In my best 
feeble colorist manner (usual Engineer type coloring), I balanced the 
first sample stored it in daVinci, then matched the second sample to that 
and stored it as well.  I then tried a piece of 5298 with some skin 
tones, and as promised, the basemem set to the new Taf was less green.  You 
are right, it probably has no bearing whatsoever to the real world, and may 
not be repeatable with a highly compotent colorist at the helm.  Kodak, at 
least is trying to find ways to make it at least a little closer. Geez, I hope
they don't have some sinister ulterior motive in mind like autocorrection.  I
can just see it now, the autocolor corrector calling the autoengineer. ;-)
As for IRE and Fstops, I once had a client want a list that would
translate to printer lights.  I bet that one goes far at daVinci. ;-) 
If anyone in LA would like to try this film for themselves, George Gush 
would probably be happy to accomodate you. 

Craig Nichols                             __  __     ____  ___       ___ ____
craign at primenet.com                      /__)/__) / / / / /_  /\  / /_    /

On Wed, 14 Jun 1995, Craig Leffel wrote:

> What it does not do is give a colorist any reference to the real
> world, because, as I've always understood it, the TAF itself is a non real 
> world product.  
Or is it "reel" world. ;-}