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Re: Green TAF

 Reply to:     RE>>Green TAF
Yeah, we too evaluated the "new, dead-nuts-on" TAF. The Kodak boys 
felt sure that they had it licked and that a setup on this TAF would 
result in a very close match for "average" film. However, right there 
before their very eyes, we tried it and came away with very erratic 
(that's erratic, e-r-r-a-t-i-c) results which caused all of us to 
wander off in different directions scratching our crania. We never 
followed up on that episode. BTW, I guess we are all in agreement 
that a setup with TAF yields a GREENISH result when *any* other 
film is laced up.

You know, at one time we did a series of exposures to try to cor-
relate f-stops to IRE. I can't remember those results, but it was 
Tom Leeser, who was our Video Opticals Director at the time who 
conducted this test. I think he can be reached at his new gig:
try tom at rhythm.com. He may remember... and if he says to ask Bill, 
then I guess we're stuck in and endless loop. If that happens please 
press ^C. 


Date: 06-14-95 22:33
To: Topazio, Bill
From: Craig Nichols

...I was asked by Kodak to look at some new TAF...

...As for IRE and Fstops, I once had a client want a list that would 
translate to printer lights...