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>To: ralphed at crl.com
>From: craign at earthlink.net (Craig Nichols)
>Subject: Quattro
>Ralph wrote-
>>But Quattroscan essentially addresses the 
>>same issues as Clearview with its 10-bit/4:4:4 full-bandwidth internal 
>Hello Ralph,
>    Thanks for the information.  Al Hart was really impressed by a demo of
Quattroscan that he saw a few years back, and he is talking seriously about
getting one for an old black box turbo machine that had a Digi III. 
>    If the internal processing is 4:4:4 10 bit, are there any plans to
providing this flavor of output after the 4:2:2 output is done?  It could be
useful for going  directly into daVinci like the Golds do.
>    Does the Quattroscan do anything for vertical aliasing like Clearview?
Clearview, like many Options products, is still being enhanced during
development.  Dave tells me he is working on "scatter-scan" to be
incorporated into it.  Instead of going to an "infinite" size flip patch to
do 16:9 30fps, Super 16mm, or other normally small patch formats, he uses a
"scatter patch" that is no less than 32 lines at a time. As I understand it
from talking with him, it is somewhat like "Jumpscan revisted".  He is
exploring this approach because the maximum patch approach has soft corner
focus and geometry errors.
>If he is able to take care of burn and shading considerations between
"scatter scans", which he believes he can, this can make Mark IIIs really
shine when compared to Ursas.