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Re: Keycode films

thanks for your reply, even though it confirms the reasons for my frustrations!
I certainly look forward to hearing from Ann, and/or Peter. 

I can understand differences between the US and Europe, when products need to
be localised, but in the case of Keycode the whole point is that it is a
standard universal format, and I do feel that restricting availability is at
best, a slap in the face. 

>>To be candid -- regardless of how many verification films are ultimately 
>>sold, it is unlikely that Kodak will come close to recouping the expenses 

Perhaps you would sell more if you made it available in Europe ...?

Still, thank you for your reply, I shall remain patient.

Kevin                "The cruelest lies are often told in silence"
London/Zurich                -Robert Louis Stephenson (1881)