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re:green taf

BTW  The big difference in the two TAF samples that Kodak had me look at
was;  one was processed at a leading New York Lab, and the other at the
Kodak Motion Picture Lab in Rochester.  The Kodak process yielded a less
green picture in my somewhat limited test.  Of course, I agree that no test
film is going to provide a reliable, or necessarily consistent result in the
real world.  Emulsion, storage, processing and exposure differences will
tend to produce "erratic" or somewhat inconsistent results.  Kodak is trying
to see if differences in the processing, or manufacture of TAF can make the
real world results more in the ballpark (maybe left of center field?...than
somewhere up in the nosebleed section of the stadium). ;-)  In other words
"a set it and forget it we will fix it in tape to tape type TAF film" is
likely to remain a pipe dream (unless really ugly video becomes
fashionable). ;-)