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Re: Green TAF

Tom Nottingham commented:  "I seem to remember from my days in the lab, that
any control process engineer could tell you that silver images print green on
color stock. And since the Kodak TAF is exposed from silver images... You
should also be aware that TAF was never intended to represent calibrated colors
in telecine. It is sort of the Video equivalent of a Standard Negative."

You and I have talked about this before, but I'm convinced that if Kodak used a
Cineon digital workstation to create a proper TAF film, they could actually
make a piece of negative test film that WOULD create perfect color bars on a
Rank adjusted for unity.  It would just be a trial and error of going back and
forth until the Cineon output created the right pattern that would react
correctly when reproduced on a Rank or CCD chain -- with blacks where they
should be, whites at 100, and every NTSC color in the vectors.  Even if they
got in the *ballpark*, it would be a start.  And it would be a lot more useful
than TAF as it is.

However:  Something tells me that Kodak would want more than $500 for a piece
of film like this, and $500 is bad enough as it is.  

--Marc Wielage
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