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HDTV Digiscan for sale

If you are seriously interested in HDTV, we have a Digiscan that is
available that was formerly hooked up to a mark3c doing progressive scan
HDTV.  The digiscan consists of a 4' high rack of cards and power supplies
with the breakdown as follows:
12 Storage Modules (memory.... lots of memory)
1 Store Control
3 Filter
1 Custom Breadboard... roll your own - rank style

Lots of  backplanes and other goodies including cards modified for high
bandwidth.  We are NOT talkin' scrap iron here.... this is the good stuff.

This machine will certainly have to be modified to whatever standard you
require... perhaps purchasing a control card or two from Rank, but the guts
are here and for sale, and will save you a GREAT deal of money considering
the alternative.  We are interested in selling this quickly, so if you are
serious ,drop me an email.

Jim Lindner
Vidipax - In NYC
vidipax at panix.com