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Show Biz Expo & Kodak on the Internet

>From: Joe Macaluso, MPTVI, 3/6, KO, X-43351, MC00315

Hello Rob,
The rumors are true.  I was at Show Biz Expo and demonstrated the Motion
Picture and Television Imaging effort that will soon go live on the www.
We showed product catalogs for MP camera films, information about Cineon
and Cinesite, FPC and Eastman Exchange location software.  We also featured
tech-tips, e-mail to Kodak, coming events, press articles, new product info,
technical data sheets with full curves, etc.

Sorry we missed you in the audience.  We intend to go "live" very soon after
some minor tweaking is completed.  All in all, it was a very positive ex-
perience for us and our customers were pleased that we are entering into this
new business and communications domain.

We should be up and running in July, and will communicate our debut to cus-
tomers shortly.

Thanks for your interest.


--- End of forwarded message from macaluso at Kodak.COM

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