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Re: Primetime 2

>Speaking as a cine guy and not a transfer guy, I have to say that I shot
>a couple hundred feet of Primetime, and got it workprinted, and it
>overall looks pretty dreadful.  The color rendition is very poor, and the
>tonal range is extremely limited.
>The color rendition may be the result of dyes which are intended to match
>the spectrum of the telecine pickups and not to match the dyes in the
>print film.  But the tonal range really worries me.

Primetime CANNOT be printed (to film) directly and produce any satisfactory
result. It is designed PURELY for electronic reproduction. In addition to
the colorimetry characteristics, the density curve "overprotects" the
highlights, allowing more retention of overexposure detail within the
electronic reproduction range -- although I personally think they went way
too far with this and have produced a somewhat "flatter" stock than I would
like to see.


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