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Re: Primetime 2

>Yes, but what good is that?  The whole reason we shoot on film is so that
>we can release on film is we need to someday.

Not in the world of current prime time TV. The main reasons for shooting on
film for current television are the look, ease of production, attainment of
high production values using reliable technology, and protection for
current and future delivery formats -- all of which are generally
considered to be electronic (currently NTSC and PAL, but possible future
16:9 and HDTV). Eastman is a smart company, and they did ** lots ** of
homework in polling studio executives and program producers when they
proposed making a less costly stock with the caveat that it cannot be
printed. The consensus they got was, yes, we would buy such a stock if it
could save us money. Eastman created Primetime to take advantage of more
streamlined manufacturing techniques, thus making it cheaper to produce,
and higher speed, theoretically allowing somewhat more freedom for
cameramen, hence the 640 ASA rating.


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