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At 7:42 PM 6/30/95, Bill Topazio wrote:
> Reply to:     RE>NO RECENT MAIL
>Wow! I thought the same thing... execpt I got your mail. So maybe every=20
>colorist and telecien engineer is on vacation????? Nature and e-mail abhor
>Dripping with anticipation of the next fun & clever e-mail thread...
>I remain, bt at edny.univid.com
>Sorry Rob, couldn't resist...

Part of the reason for the absence of arrogant and opinionated telecine=
 E-mail, not to mention acid (acrid?) replies is that the Orton family has=
 been on vacation to England for the last 16 days. But... we're back! Gimme=
 a couple of days to read the *forty-five* waiting missives and the mud and=
 epithets will be in full flow once again. What's wrong with the rest of=
 you? Did apathy creep in, or is the user group so amazingly useful that=
 everybody now knows everything about everything. BTW. I'd forgotten what=
 great quality PAL TV really is. Rich deep colors...and all the right hue=
 too! And as for Brit commercials, they just go to show what an miserably=
 untalented bunch of people currently occupy Madison Avenue. Yes Virginia,=
 you can be creative in a car commercial. OK I've got to take my medication=
 now, the flicker brought on the old epilepsy problem!!!