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2-Perf film

                      Subject:                              Time:  8:23 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         2-Perf film                           Date:  6/30/95

Hi Basil,
I got your voice mail message.  2-Perf 35mm print was a format used to
distribute wide screen film features and it was called "SuperScope".  It was
usually used for conserving film on lower budget films. Since it only used
2-perfs per frame it required half the film footage of a normal 4-perf per
frame distribution print.  To play this stuff on a Rank you have to be able to
run the Telecine servo at half speed.  I believe Meta-Speed can do this.  The
aspect ratio of the image on the film is approximately 2.30:1 so it is a very
wide format.  We had done a few SuperScope prints and IP's a few years ago
using our own in house mods to the servo called "Ultra-Varispeed" but since
then the mods have been removed to make room for MetaSpeed.  We have not had a
request since then to do one of these.  Superscope is NOT anamorphic, just
flat geometry wide screen.
Best regards
Dave Corbitt/MTE
voice= (212) 687-4000, fax= (212) 687-8023, internet= dc at mte.com