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Musical chairs

Okay, so I can't resist sparking some discussion (maybe). I was recently in
a conversation with an editor friend and we were talking about how people
play musical chairs (in Chicago specificly, but I'm sure everywhere to an
extent) whenever a position opens up at a given post house. In the middle
of the conversation he asked how many colorists I thought  there were in
the states (It is 4th of July. Sorry to my International comrades). I know
the answer is something like "Not many", but I have no definitive idea. Any
guesses out there? My own guess is that it's less than 500 and more than
300. I could be way wrong. This also reminds me that this list has been a
tremendous thing. Congrats and thank you Rob. I am sort of surprised that
in recent months the amount of discussion from colorists has dwindled.
Everyone too busy? or just tired of tech talk?. Personally, the thing up my
butt at the moment is Davinci clips. I don't like any of them. Program,
output, or RGB/Anything. They all piss me off in their own little unique
ways. I think I need to feed the squirrels more nuts.

To all my fellow yankee wankers- happy independence day!  Bollocks to the Brits!


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