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Re: Yes, Happy Anniversary!!

On Jul 5, 16:56, XFERman at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Yes, Happy Anniversary!!

> I have to join in and say kudos to Rob and everyone else as well.
> You've done a wonderful thing here!  You've created an open forum for
> our industry and in the process enhanced the knowledge of everyone
> here.

Aw, shucks.  Thanks for the kudos everyone (and don't forget to thank
me for thanking you).

When we started this thing, I didn't know if it would "work", that
there would be general cooperation in the demystification of our
craft.  But its value has exceeded my own dreams-- there are not a few
unselfish telecinians!  ...I knew the mailing list and ftp server had
some merit when I ran into Bob Festa at NAB and he was waving his copy
of the "NAB Guide" we put together, zeroing in on the hot products for
telecine ;-).

Now all we need is some more web material, like those (soon to come I
keep hearing) Kodak reference pages.


PS.  If anyone on the list has an update or needs to fill in missing
information on the whois file here, don't hesitate to send it to me.
To grab and check that file, send a message to the list server:
"telecine-request at xyzoom.alegria.com" with the 
Subject: archive get whois.txt     ..it's also available via the
webpage and on the ftp server.  

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rob at sun.alegria.com    |  cat are not the better for it."  --Abraham Lincoln