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Re: Transfer suite Switchers

>Randy Hisle, Chief Engineer  Post Edge:
>This is my first posting on the telecine list...
        Welcome, we normally don't flame without provocation (watch out for
Mike Orton, though!)
>Switcher for my transfer suite...
        My feeling about switchers for the telecine suite is that you must
choose a compnent digital switcher, have a fair amount of router
flexibility and slap a very good encoder on the end. I have had bays based
on the Alpha Image Alphie, a 32x16 router matrix (shared between two bays
and required by the Alpha Image), Accom image enhancer and Accom D-Bridge
decoder and encoder. I think of this as the standard for a da Vinci 8:8:8
suite and would do it again. At Complete Post, we have been evaluating
digital component switchers and have demo'd most. We will probably go with
the GVG 1000 for the rebuild of two of our bays. The only recervation I
have with this choice is the reputed need to have a setup terminal
available to tweak up options. (We already had a 16x8 router in the rooms
before the rebuild.)
        Make sure you provide for component monitoring as well as
composite. You may decide that the color monitor must display the composite
signal during a session (the topic of a whole nuther thread) but be able to
see the component signal on a WFM and the color monitor for system
        For tape to tape work, the Accom D-Bridge decoder works well for
NTSC but they don't handle PAL. Inovision (now Techniche) makes a good dual
standard decoder that is pervasive here at CP.

--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net  (CIS 72167,1376)
--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood