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Re: Transfer suite Switchers

> Tend to do an
>unusual amount of tape to tape work and have D-1,D-2, >Betacam and every
>format known to man. Need wipes obviously. Heard good things >about an alpha
>image swr. GVG also seems to fit. Whats everyone using and >why. 

  Hi, Randy
Here at Post Logic our main client base is high end television commercial.
 We do alot of green screen (or blue screen), matte generation etc.  We run
Da Vinci 888 as well. Mainly our mastering is done to D-1 or D-2.  Tape to
tape is supported as well.  Our switcher of choice is the Alphie.  The chroma
keyer is fabulous, which makes ultimatte un-necessary.  The operators tend to
balk a bit at it at first because it is not a GV control panel, and it takes
a bit of patience to learn to operate, but this is mainly a fear of the
unknown, not an indication of the difficulty of the switcher operationally.
 Once conquered, the operators rave about it, and would have no other even if
In our installation, the most valuable single piece of equipment is the
routing switcher.  Since we handle a variety of formats, our internal
pathfinding makes telecine format changeover's a breeze.  Our router is Venus
by BTS by the way. And it does talk to the Alpha image router which is the
heart of the alphie video switching system.

Good Luck