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Re: Transfer suite Switchers

 Reply to:     RE>Transfer suite Switchers
Date: 07-05-95 22:11
To: telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
From: RandyH5205 at aol.com

reply to...
...to buy a Switcher for my transfer suite

Randy Hisle / Chief Engineer / Post Edge


Hi Randy-
Might I suggest an ALPHA "Alphie", if they still call it that, or 
the Abekas A8100. The 8100 is a surprisingly power-packed little 
number... and it goes for a surprisingly little number, too.

Both have really good wipes and chroma keys... I would go almost 
so far as to say that with the 8100 you may not need an Ultimatte. 

But I do need to leave something for the Abekas salesman to tell 
you! Check it out.

(No, we don't own either one, so this is as objective as it gets 
here on the net!) -bt

Bill Toppzio / Editel NY