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Re: Musical chairs

On Jul 5,  8:50, Craig Leffel wrote:
} Subject: Musical chairs

> Okay, so I can't resist sparking some discussion (maybe). I was recently in
> a conversation with an editor friend and we were talking about how people
> play musical chairs (in Chicago specificly, but I'm sure everywhere to an
> extent) whenever a position opens up at a given post house. In the middle
> of the conversation he asked how many colorists I thought  there were in
> the states (It is 4th of July. Sorry to my International comrades). I know
> the answer is something like "Not many", but I have no definitive idea. Any
> guesses out there? My own guess is that it's less than 500 and more than
> 300. 

I once sat down with Neil Kempt and we worked out the number of Ranks
in the country, which result if, we then added to the number of BTS
telecines, and perhaps multiplied by 100.4%, to allow for the odd
house that does only tape-to-tape work, and then factored in the
shift-splits, we could almost come up with a number.  But I haven't
sat down with Neil in a while now...

> I am sort of surprised that
> in recent months the amount of discussion from colorists has dwindled.
> Everyone too busy? or just tired of tech talk?. 

Look at it from the other perspective: the engineers have found a
platform, and the colorists are content in absorption.

> Personally, the thing up my
> butt at the moment is Davinci clips. 

We had, when I worked at Action Video, a beautiful capability called
"White Compression", which allowed individual control of R G & B clip,
it was wonderful and I miss it greatly.  Dave Tosh was (partly or
mostly?) responsible for its design.  Dave, is that circuit outmoded
today, or available?  Or can we even talk about it (patent ugliness)?


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