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I think I got it now

 I liked the comment on the Ranks hiding Blimy spys HAHA.
My own opinion is that the Rank Cintel is the testiment to
years of research by Lucas electronics on the old Triumphs
and Beezers.
 And as for the "highlight commpression" circuit I had
requests for this by Allen Daviau when I would do his
commercial dalies at Foto-kem so I looked into it and found 
out it was basicly a circuit that came out of a Betacam
camera and modified (I guess this is the word) to fit in a
rank. (I guess Allen and Sam Holtz were good buddys)
 the problem he was asking me to solve was that nasty green 
or magenta hue you get in the blown out highlights at the
time all I could do (I was working on an MKIIIc with a
Amigo) was shrug my sholders and say "I don know".
 Well lo and behold the Davinci has this neat little feature 
called "chroma light" that I was able to solve that problem 
with in a digital form.
 I guess this highlight compression was an analog thing And 
I dont now how they could convert it.
 I hope I finnaly got this address business down UGH how
complicated and it's not even british.
                                   DK at TPG