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Re: I think I got it now

On Jul 7, 18:15, MR DAVID V KELESHIAN wrote:
} Subject: I think I got it now

> camera and modified (I guess this is the word) to fit in a
> rank. (I guess Allen and Sam Holtz were good buddys)

Right!  Allen lived a few houses away from Sam when he was a TV
cameraman.  Ironically enough, Allen is now my neighbor.  I see him
all the time in the Supermarket... with a cab waiting outside (he
doesn't drive).  (not driving in LA is like not walking in London.)

>  Well lo and behold the Davinci has this neat little feature 
> called "chroma light" that I was able to solve that problem 
> with in a digital form.

Ah, yes, but it doesn't allow a *rebalance* of the hottest elements.
And it doesn't have a very friendly cutoff --just try to use it on
feathery clouds.  It is better than nothing...


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