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psychology of correction


I found that the problem differs in different parts of the world.  Over the
years I managed to have close relationships with clients, one in particular:
She used to use slightly yellow contact lenses to make her eyes look green.  As
a help in colour correction she would swap them for neutral ones, anyone guess
what happened next?  Well her brain saw everything on the monitor too blue as it
had become used to seeing the yellow bias.  The contract was large, I think 21
episodes!  The screaming even louder, sound proofing in the suite didn't help!!
I nearly lost the client and a girlfriend (that was what she was at the time)
until I forceably replaced the yellow lenses in her eyes!

Then there was the rock video director who took his Ray Bans off for the first
time in X yrs......

Hong Kong likes clipped skies, skin tones in fact everything!

Philippines generally are pleased when they see pictures at all but especially
when you make their grey skies blue.

Germans, they for some reason seem to be almost the most open minded.
I love it when the client is open minded enough to learn.

I have worked in other countries as well, but possibly my own psycology needed
looking into during those periods!?!

Rob, my heart goes out to you, but that's where the big $ come in!


BTW, if any lurking Brits are hiding inside any TK's please give them a cup of
tea and send them home, there maybe a general election soon.