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Re: gang sync analogy sought

>I was trying to explain the concept of TLC's "gang sync" to a new
>assistant today and couldn't come up with anything lucid.  The best I
>could do was something like "well, see there's this train track (the
>film), paralleling this road (the videotape).  The railroad ties are
>the film sprocket holes and the road's centerline "dashes" are the tape's
>timecode, so there is a constant and locked relationship between the
>two.  When I brought the car and the locomotive into it, things
>started breaking down, and then we wondered what would happen if a
>bullet were fired from the train at the car --which would be more of a
>gang war, not a gang sync...
        Forget the train and car. Give the assistant a can of paint. Any
place he wants to paint a line across the highway, he can see the gang
sync'ed place on the tracks that matches. If he has been keeping count of
ties and stripes since Amarillo (where I set the gang sync relationship) he
can come up with a numberfor each medium. Convert that to time code and
frames and go fer it.

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--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood