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this wacky Jabber rumor

This is still only in the rumor stage, but further substantiation of
the "Jabber" rumor came in today, anonymously, with this report:

> Rank has been considering using a larger CRT for a while, but they
> could not fit one in the present chassis.  The speculative rumors
> ("Jabber") I've heard, say they are planning to produce a machine that
> eliminates some mirrors and utilizes a mostly straight light path.
> Also, they are creating a color corrector to go with it.  The color
> corrector is rumored to allow the telecine to output a variety of
> formats (HDTV, 525,625, etc). It may even use a "flatbed" type of
> transport. It is slated to be unveiled at the next NAB.

I do not offer the above as anything but speculation.  Please don't
assume that it is fact, and don't attribute it to me.  It is offered
here only to spark our usual spirited discussion.

--Rob (who grew up in a family of lawyers)

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