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psychology of correction part deux

>So my advice to myself is, with those clients who wish to exert firm
>control: Don't take the client literally, do something to please them,
>offer advice but don't appear to refuse them, and though they want
>control, give them only the impression that they are, while trying to
>do what is best for the film.  Add this to the blurred semantics of
>the average telecine session and you have the ability to do anything
>you want.


Whats going on here ???

Are you a beaten, shell of a man with no spine ?
Or perhaps youve found as I have, there is a time and a
place to wage your battles. I'm not sure I'm ready to go
to war over Knotts Berry Farm, I'll save my migraine for
some other award winner.

Perhaps we should rename you "Rob Light"...Half the attitude...
twice the efficiency.

I'm just back from two weeks in the carribean, perhaps I'll 
take my own advice and try to make this warm glow last more than
a few days.

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