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Green screen anomaly

I had an interesting phenomena the other day during a green screen transfer
that I hadn't seen before. My client used 7293 for the shoot (don't even
ask how the key looked), but the quality of the key isn't what was
puzzling. The shot was of a guy in front of a green backdrop that ended
about at his knees. As he was walking around, you could definitely see a
sharp edge, exactly where the green backdrop ended. The talent was wearing
beige pants and the pants had a green tint where it was in front of the
green, and slightly magenta below where the green ended. Although you
couldn't tell from the shot, the client says there was at least 20 feet
between the talent and the backdrop. This makes reflection spill harder to
imagine. Does anyone think it could be a problem in the stock due to
bleeding between the emulsion layers, or should I start tearing the Rank
apart? The Rank is a Mk. III. Any input would be appreciated.