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Re: I think I got it now

Re. telecine psychology.

Marc et al

I have been reading this psychology thing with interest and Marc hit it on the
spot. These persons are probably a bit insecure. 

Maybe it is the upmaket situation they are in? The environment in general? The
cost of sitting there? Maybe it is the pressure they are under to get the job
done in no time - maybe they had a bad day for a million reasons? 

What is a very human reaction is to try to cover this insecurity. The worst
thing one can do is to undress this person. 

Someone insecure, for whatever reason it is, is afraid of making a mistake. He
may be afraid of making it to himself, to you or to the other persons (bosses).
It is not so important to whom. 

How do you deal with this?  First of all I do not want to come across as
patronizing or anything close to that.  I can not say I have a LOT of experience
in this but enough success to dare share my experience.

1.  First my own mental attitude is put into what I call " I'll be damned if I
don't get closer to this guy" mood. Then you will have to take a subtle lead,
perk up your interest and respond professionally. With a really difficult case I
would offer to work with the guy off hours, or to come in a little earlier than
the others. Show him some of  your earlier work, discuss how you two can find a
common language. Be careful to not overdo you own expertise, this will come back
only much more solid later on and automatically as your relationship bonds.
Befriend the guy and let him know that he can TRUST  you. What the hell, reveal
one of you own weaknesses! Maybe as you started out you did make a fool of
yourself? Haven't we all? Don't we still?

1.1Tthis thing about a common language, assuming  you two are in fact using the
same idiom to begin with, Rob's anecdote very clearly illustrates the language
barrier. All you need to do is play along.  Rob, could it be that your clients
success relies just a bit on the excellent communication you two have?

2. Let your boss know what is going on (discreetly and in confidence). Do it
right from the start and he will most probably support you.  After all the
person represents a client. If things go sour for reasons outside of your doing
it will be your bailout.  

3.Of course, then there are the type of personalities that this does not work on
at all, chemistry is all wrong.They are rare. However, the fact that the poor
guy is insecure shows he has got feelings and is worried about doing his job
right. The bottom line is you have absolutely nothing to lose. If you can't
handle the guy it would have gone down no matter what. If it works you will feel
very good about it, so will the client and he will not go to any other colourist
or facility. 

4. Nothing kills creativity as well as poor relations.

5. If they are on drugs, put them into a cold shower.

Good luck!

Mike at Digital Vision