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1.First of all tributes to Rob for getting this thing going and thanks to all of
you that have widened my perspectives, given a good discussion and allowed me to
express my ideas. I have also had quite a number of good laughs and that is
REALLY important. 
It might even have done a good thing or two for Digital Vision.....

2. I have been somewhat inactive on the net for a while, mainly due to extensive
travelling and workload in general.

3. What really sparked me to life was this thing about Cintel working on a new
telecine....Ok it's a joke but nevertheless it opens up a real issue. Here are
my views.

3.1 Most manufacturers are working on something that will replace what you
ladies and gentlemen consider to be the state of the art.

3.2 For the very same reason we keep our mouths and internets closed on the
subject  during this process. This is not always the case, sometimes it can
serve a purpose to bleed out information in order to hold investments. This is
particularly true close to major events.
However, Cintel would not need to do this since they are indisputably a
marketleader in its area.

3.3 Hence, saying that Cintel, SGI, Digital Vision, GVG, BTS, Sony et al are
working on a new product probably have a very high likelyhood of beeing true.
Substanciated or not. This particular message lacks enough substance to warrant
the truth value. 

3.4 Some of us see the marketplace as a warzone. It is the only war that I
condone and truly enjoy fighting. Nevertheless,  used as a manipulative
instrument. There are two kinds,  true information and DISinformation.
DISinformation is from where I see it rarely used, there are two main reasons
for this, the first is its is seldom very effective. The other reason is that it
opens up a can of business ethical issues that the are not so tasty with a
potential risk of causing more damage than success.  I think the message Rob
forwarded is a not- so- good (albeit amusing) attempt to rock the boat, nothing
more. I do not even think I would want to give it the credit of  beeing
"disinformation". tThe key thing about disinformation is tha it has credibility.
Does an anonymous sender have credibility?
 Not as far as I am concerned.

3.5 Last time Cintel inroduced a new product without anyone essentially knowing
was the Gold. Personally I am impressed about the fact that they managed to keep
it a secret - not an easy task. So this strategy worked that time, couldn't they
use it again?

3.5 So, the bottom line is not whether Cintel are working on a new product or
not it is whether it is based on the technology stated in the message.....copyer

3.6 Here is the teaser - what technology would you build tomorrows telecine on?
Would it challenge todays methodology of film to video?

Sun Tzu wrote " ...to have what can not be fought...."  

All the best

Mike Reichel