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Sales tool

>>>>>>Mr. Reichel:

>>>>Please do not use our mailing list as a sales tool.  It is not

I second the motion completely!!  .....Habius Corpus........ e plurbus unim
........ Henceforth ......
herewith......  forevermore ..... etc., etc.

Send out brochures, make phone calls, send PERSONAL e-mails, and for
godssake, stop reminding us how "smart" you and all of the other
manufacturer's are. (Would this list exist if all of our tools were so
perfectly designed for the task at hand?)  If you really have a point, post
your resume with all of your years as an editor, colorist, artist,
(anything but facility administation or sales), and maybe we might take you
more seriously when you start spouting (spewing) all of the ideas you have
on how to do it better, or sharing the "experience" you have with clients
in session.

Here's hoping you find a pen-

Craig Leffel

Craig Leffel
voice: 312-440-2360
Fax: 312-440-1541
craig at editelchi.com
cleffel at aol.com
telecine at editelchi.com