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Re: Subscribe

On Jul 10,  8:09, Catherine Pantazopoulos wrote:
} Subject: Re: Subscribe

> Dear Rob & group,

> I am faraway from friends and home, hard to just turn and ask for help
> and info, maybe the forum can help at times. The technical standards
> are rather... how should I put it...lacking in places in the region
> that I am in...i.e. Asia...  friends at da Vinci suggested using my
> e-mail link to the outer world as a way of remaining connected. So, i
> would like to subscribe to your group.
> Thanks, faraway from home and access to proper help,  

> Catherine from Montreal now in the Far east.  

}-- End of excerpt from Catherine Pantazopoulos

Welcome to the group Catherine, I have subscribed you as of this


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