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Re: "Jabber"

Mikael Reichel (10 Jul 95):
>3. What really sparked me to life was this thing about Cintel working on a new
>telecine....Ok it's a joke but nevertheless it opens up a real issue.
>Does an anonymous sender have credibility? Not as far as I am concerned.
No, the source of the "jabber" item has no credibility but some of the
points made have an intrinsic believability. That would be needed for a
true leak or a successful hoax. In either case, our discussion of the
possibilities raised doesn't mean we are unaware of the motivations of the
person who started the discussion.

>3.5 Last time Cintel introduced a new product without anyone essentially
>was the Gold. Personally I am impressed about the fact that they managed to
>it a secret - not an easy task. So this strategy worked that time, couldn't
>use it again?
I'm not sure I consider the URSA Gold a new product. I think it is likely
that Rank was forced to repackage the existing product to meet EC emissions
requirements. Other items are stepwise improvements to the existing product
and are available as options on the URSA. It doesn't really matter if Rank
are able to specify, design and introduce a new telecine in secret - I feel
that my input to the process is going to be ignored. That is speaking as an
engineer working in the Hollywood postproduction community where there are
a significant number of Ranks in use. I would be most impressed if I heard
of Rank actively and openly seeking the council of the people who use and
support telecines in my environment. As the dominant market leader, it
could do them no harm.

>3.6 Here is the teaser - what technology would you build tomorrows telecine on?
>Would it challenge todays methodology of film to video?
The key to today's methods of film to tape technology is the real time
attribute. Film to digital storage scanner technology has a place but it
will remain minor while it is not capable of 24 frames per second transfer,
inch forwards and reverse, pan-scan-zoom and tweak it on the fly operation.
That is the direction the URSA has taken us, competing technology has
failed in that area. Tomorrow's telecine should scan a dynamic raster from
film moving at projection speeds at as high of spatial and contrast
resolution as needed for the target medium. Tomorrow's (successful)
telecine will be able to handle the vaults full of feature films that will
need to be transferred to some type of high definition format as well as
the highly compressed CD, MPEG-99 hot-ticket distribution channel.

Stepping off the soapbox box...

--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net  (CIS 72167,1376)
--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood