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Re: Transfer suite Switchers

Mikael Reichel (10 Jul 95):
>2. Bad news, you current noise reducer has to go. May I suggest a Digital
Does this mean that you feel that the Accom DIE-125 is unsuitable for his
use? Even without the upgrade to the DIE-125M, I wouldn't go that far. He
as a suitable processing box that, when used in moderation, will do a good
job. Perhaps you only want to argue about how fast the horse is? You could
clarify your message and perhaps add some valuable knowledge for the group
if you would discuss your opinion (without marketing hype.)

By the way, I work with 4 DVNR units and have seen some very impressive
pictures thru them with very modest amounts of noise reduction dialed in. I
have no complaint with the product but would still have to make a careful
consideration if I needed to purchase a noise reducer for a new telecine

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