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CD's, taste

On Jul 10, 21:49, Steve Darsey wrote:
} Subject: Re: I think I got it now

> Our colorist has installed a CD player in the suite. With it is his
> collection of music. Some clients have started to bring their

That's a good tip, thanks Steve... however, my problem is I have such
non-mainstream musical tastes that I tend to cringe when I see someone
bring in a bunch of CD's ;-).

True story:

One day, in a session with a top L.A. colorist, the Ad Agency Producer
was driving the Film Editor nuts with his nervous mannerisms and
nitpicking of the transfer.  This Film Editor waited until he went to
the bathroom, at which point she crushed a 10 mg Valium into his
coffee.  I believe it worked.

There are other aprocyphal stories.  Now that Festa's back, perhaps
he'll share that Pytka story...


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