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Re: Unusual Rank Problem...

>Our Mark III is currently exhibiting a small problem that has >even 
>stumped the folks at Rank. 

This surprises you???  Rank stumped I mean...
>It seems that we have an unstable >tach pulse 
>output from our sepmag driver.  The unstable pulse creates a >flutter 
>effect on our venerable MagnaTech follower. 

I saw nothing in your list of replacements concernine the gate..
You can get wierdness if the gate is not seated back properly...if you have
two machines, swap a gate just to see if the gate bearings might be the
source, or perhaps, the entry roller may be moving around a bit.  Make sure
that the tendril inside the gate is back far enough to allow the gate to
seat, but not so far as to inhibit tach generation.  Also, is your thread
straight to the capstan, or the traditional omega?  If omega, try straight
across.  If this works, it is no big deal to work out the offset with a punch
and a two pop.

Last, take a look at the transport dynamics, how far back is the film
biased..set.  If you remove the prism assembly, you can watch the film as it
runs...Is it riding along the edge guide properly, or is it picking?

Good luck