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Sales tool

Dear Craig

First of all appologies to those of you who have felt insulted by my reply.
The risk a person takes in sharing his views is to be rediculed. Hence, even a
greater risk on the net. On the other hand if we or I did not take this risk
then what enjoyment would we be getting by hearing other peoples views? I was
serious about what I wrote because the topic was not only an important one but
it clearly reflected situations that are not by any means exclusive to the
colourist society. I have been there, experienced it, analyzed it and it works
for me. Maybe all you need to do is play the right CD?  It  was an attempt to
share, nothing else. 

Your reply Craig has not left me untouched as I percieve you may  have something
against us or me personally that I am not aware of. If this is the case I want
to know about it and hope that we jointly can figure out how we can fix this

Re. salesperson.
Now why do you think that in the course of my duty as manager for marketing and
sales should I hide this fact? I am personally as involved in the pursuit of
excellence in film to video as many of our fellows on the net. It is many years
since I was making a living as a film sound recordist, tape editor, cameraman,
hardware designer and more,  I certainly still feel compelled to learn a lot
more of what it is all about and this forum is excellent. When an opinion is
expressed about a product or it's performance  I expect it to be questioned and
challenged and in course the true colours will be revealed. The benefit to us,
the manufacturer, is that maybe we will have to return to the drawing board or
maybe we hit the spot.  

General opinions are welcome.


Mike Rechel