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Re: Unusual Rank Problem...

Hi Robert

we have an old mkIII (digi 1 = so really old) with an old Magna-Tech,
and a 4:2:2, with a new Magna-Tech.

Something looking like your trouble occured when we send our capstan motor assy
to Rank for refurbishing.  While refurbishing our capstan, they loaned us an old
"low mass capstan" and the inertia of those capstan is so light it seems all the
vibrations of the transport were transmitted to the Magna-Tech.

When the "high-mass" capstan came back, we made a lot of observations to be sure
the trouble was not there anymore.  The trouble was ALMOST totally disapeared
but...We found there was still something.  As we were looking for that kind of
trouble, it became obvious the MKIII+old MTE were not as good as the 4:2:2+new
MTE.  But at this point we found it was the old MTE (Magna-Tech), instead of the

Old MTE = Magna-Tech with tension-arms driving rheostat.
New MTE = Magna-Tech with tension-arms driving magnetic-sensors.

We connected the MKIII to the new MTE and the 4:2:2 to the old one and we
concluded the trouble was the old MTE.

I would not say it is because of the rheostat, but we concluded : this
generation of MTE is not as good as the new generation.  We never found if we
where right or if there was something defective in the machine.  We found: if we
add a little tension spring between the two flutter idlers of the MTE, the
trouble was not perceptible anymore.  So this spring is now in the Magna-Tech
since five years...

To all the other readers: am not really happy about that, (some may tell it's a
shame, and try to make me cry)  but "the show must go on".  But I would welcome
"positive" suggestions ;-)
(Just trying to "pay" my contribution the best I can to this group. Thanks to
all of you guys, who are spending so much time writing all this info. for
readers like me ).

Michel Cadieux  CME (CFTM-10) Montreal, Canada