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Re: Stretching the imagination

>1) an uncompromised real-time 3000-line scanning system capable of converting
>any film format to a digital format and then back to film or any other video
>standard without any loss of quality, comparable in operational speed and
>flexibility to a conventional Rank [very much like Mr. Tosh mentions
>2) large-capacity digital storage of these images without any moving parts,
>with the ability to off-load to some kind of large terabyte hard-storage
>3) the ability to pick and choose clients.
>--Marc Wielage

I agree with all three of your wishes, with some modifications...

1) an uncompromised non-real-time (lab process) xxxx-line scanning system
capable of converting any film format to a digital format that could be
output back to film or any video standard without loss of quality.
Essential to this is a large-capacity digital storage device capable of
serving these images to any user on a high-speed network. A sophisticated
database needs to support this "server" throughout the process. (indulge me
in considering this as one wish)

2) a software tool to allow this data to be tagged with color correction
and positional information, at any point in the process (including
in-context during the  final edit), in any application, and for each user
in the chain to have the ability to modify those tags without damaging the
image quality.

3) the ability to pick and choose clients.

My wish is that we do not try and redesign existing systems and workflow
using different storage media. Our industry has done that with every tape
format that has come along.  We have an opportunity to drastically change
the way that we work due to technology advances.  I also believe that this
system could be/should be in place in less than two years. (at least #s 1 &

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