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Mail Catch-UP

From: Arthur Cosgrove, MP&TV Imaging AT Dev. Eastman Kodak Company
901 Elmgrove Rd. Rochester, N.Y. 14653-5905     TEL: (716) 726-2771
email: kr25.lyoo00 at kodako.kodak.com   FAX:(716)726-9453  KMX: 252-5866
Subject: Mail Catch-UP


You asked about the FLH 1000, and keeping track of its progress! There
is one in Detroit, Mi at a Company called Producers Color
Service. This is probably the hardest running one at this time in
Commerical service. We are having minor problems with software bugs
and hardware failures at extremes of temperature and humidity (when
air conditioning isn't operating). These are minor problems and
Producers Color is sounding very pleased with the reaction of there

You can follow in a more objective (I'm a biased, being to close to
the equipment) by calling them and asking for there opinion. There
phone number is 810-352-5353. The Colorist running the telecine (FLH
1000) is Lynette Duensing, who I beleived worked for a number of years
in California as a Colorist.

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