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TLC VTR Control Status

I just wanted to update TLC users with some current VTR control status 

Ampex DCT:  The DCT is supported with TLC firmware 3.17/4.17 or 
greater.  Field jogging and display is supported. I have found you will 
need to set a TLC *SYN for the DCT to be "1".  No other timing trims 
are necessary for this machine.  It will edit and sync accurately when 
in D1 emulation mode, however, it will not field jog.  I hope to soon 
correct the sync trim error in a later version.

Sony DAT:  The TLC DAT control firmware has been greatly improved.  You 
will need firmware version 3.19/4.19 or greater.  With this you 
shouldn't have to play with the *PARK trim like I earlier suggested.
I did run up against yet another control issue with the DAT you should 
be aware.  If you are assemble editing on the DAT with the TLC, you 
will need to make sure all 4 audio tracks are enabled in the TLC track 
selection menu.  Even though this seems redundant, only enabling tracks 
1 and 2 for DAT assembles will cause an "Invalid Function" error on the 
DAT.  I will correct this in a later version.

Sony Digital Betacam:  The good news is Sony has a firmware upgrade 
version 3.10 which fixes the mixed field editing problem with this 
machine.  I have tested this quite a bit and it works well.  For 
general Digi Beta control with the TLC including proper audio track 
selections, you will need to have TLC firmware version 3.15/4.15 or 

I hope this is of some use.  Feel free to call me at my office if you 
have questions (or post email).  Gary Adams  818-902-0488