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     For those with a film background MOS is certainly silence - but.....
A friend of mine (film guy) on his first day with CBS News was assigned as 
assistant camera person/ audio op ( he got to carry the BVU-110 and point 
the mic ) on an MOS shoot. Came back with a load of cassettes without audio 
 -  and very redfaced when he found out that MOS in news is Man On the Street 
interviews. Ooops.
                                   Rich Torpey
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Subject: MOS
Date: Thursday, July 13, 1995 8:49AM

Noel asked:

> A simple little question thats been buging us for the last few days. We 
> know that MOS on a slate means it is mute, but what does M O S actually
> stand for?

Mit Ott Sprechen, which is German for "with out speech". (I'm sure that 

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