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Re: FLH1000

>>You asked about the FLH 1000, and keeping track of its progress! 
>It is my understanding that the device is being shown locally (In LA by
>appointment) in the very near future.
>Tom Nottingham

I know that the Quadra telecine is part of the "BTS Road Show" coming soon
to LA.  I believe the showing will be featuring Quadra (an improved 4:4:4
FDL-90), daVinci 8:8:8 and also some new Kodak stocks. Steve Russell (now of
BTS, formerly of Rank) mentioned that there are currently four FLH-1000s.
One is at Producers Post in Detroit, one is the R&D labs in Germany, and I
believe the other two may be in Europe. If they show a FLH-1000 also, I'd
like to see it again, because I was impressed by it the images the first
time I saw a demo.  Steve says the FLH downconverted to 525 images can look
better than many native 525 transfers (especially for car commercials, which
Producers does a lot of). He mentions that artifacts and aliasing from items
like car grilles are much less of a problem.

Craig Nichols
Telecine Engineer