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Re: Work Load

>1.   What is the ratio of #'s of telecines to #'s of telecine >engineers at
>your facility?

At Post Logic there are 2 URSA's, I was the closest thing to the resident
telecine engineer...only based on my year or two or three or four of
experience over the other engineers, but there is no actual titled "telecine
engineer" at Post Logic.  This was after Dave Tosh moved on.  (and I was
certainly never paid for it) This seems to be a trend in LA post
production...if management thinks they can get away with it, they do not hire
a specialist at all.  There is no time for the  tweeking that we used to do
in the mark III days.  It must work: all the time, fast , well and easily, or
the average LA facility is not interested.  This is why it is hard to get
systems like PIN uP which although are superior in performance, but do
sometimes require some finessing, into facilities...the engineers are not
capable of  (or willing to) understand what the system is doing, and so they
reject it. (please no insult intended to the established facilities, I speak
mainly for the ones started in the past 2 to3 years)  
>2.   How many hours a week do people work normally? Both >Colorists and

Post Logic did not run a night shift except on special occasions, but when
weekend work came up, engineering coverage was decided by agreement among the
staff. So, no one was burdened with all the coverage work.  The rule was that
if there was as client supervised session, engineering coverage was required.
 Usually the attitude of management was that when weekend  work was booked,
all coverage was required, not requested.

>3.   How often are Colorists and Engineers asked to give up >either vacation
>weekend time to deal with work load?

Usually this does not happen, however in the event of a job screwup,
colorists have been called on vacations to come back and fix it.

I hope this helps.