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Work Load

I feel that there may be a ratio between Bill Topazios Hawaiin shirt
collection:Nos of Mk 3's & URSA's  at  edny:hrs spent in the room next to the
elevator.  This means that he has never missed a holiday.

I have always found that given something nice to do on a Saturday afternoon that
either I have run before being presented with a blown up machine/job or found
that the memory has been blemished by the disaster being presented on Monday
morning.  Thus one should stay paranoid and sleep at the office.  Since leaving
Colourisation on a full time basis I find insomnia on Sunday nights less of a

Last Place of almost full time employment:  Philippines
1.	1 URSA telecine: 0 engineers (who knew anything about Telecine)
2.	Colorists  40 hrs : Engineers 0  
3.	Was difficult to find me at 120ft blowing compressed air and poor
telephone system to 	boot.

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