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Re: Letterboxing

Here in the UK it's the norm for sell through titles to be
xfered in the original ratio, be it 1:66, 1:85 or cinemascope.
This year it has become far more common for rental titles to take 
this line as well, I can only recall 2 jobs in the last 6 months, that I 
have had to blow up the image to fill the screen ( out of 5-10 titles a 

The public are starting to wake up to the fact that they are in fact 
getting more picture for their money,not less, when they have 
"these funny black lines" on the tv,  this has been helped by the 
BBC and C4 now showing many films trailed 
"as the director intended".


In Article <950717232205_34957647 at aol.com> Ryan55 at aol.com 
>  This subject has probably been discussed, but the ever wise 
>Corbitt advised me to post this to see what other facilities are 
>doing concerning letterboxing feature films for home video 
> release. 
>   I was wondering if the prevailing wisdom is to give as much 
>viewable area 
>by zooming out until the edge of the film frame is visible on an 
>overscanned monitor; or do you rest the edge on blanking. 
>Chris Ryan 
>Manhattan Transfer