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Letterboxing / Image blanking

>   This subject has probably been discussed, but the ever wise Corbitt
>advised me to post this to see what other facilities are doing concerning
>letterboxing feature films for home video release.
>   I was wondering if the prevailing wisdom is to give as much viewable area
>by zooming out until the edge of the film frame is visible on an overscanned
>monitor; or do you rest the edge on blanking.


If I dig back deep into my feature background, I seem to recall that a
letterbox or hard matte should not change the relative aspect of the
picture. That is, matte whatever area is necessary North and South but retain
the East and West image area according to your calibrated aspect loops.

However, since I currently only work commercials exclusively, all rules are
out the window. We all start with academy aperture, but zooming out is
really to taste. I have reduced images so much that a field of white
blanking is visible in underscan during negative transfers. Never been
busted on this technique but your mileage may vary depending on your location 
and client powers.

Any feature heads care to comment???


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