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Re: Letterboxing

Chris Ryan asks:  "I was wondering if the prevailing wisdom is to give as much
viewable area
by zooming out until the edge of the film frame is visible on an overscanned
monitor; or do you rest the edge on blanking?"

As far as I know, the policy from all the clients I've ever done work for has
been to zoom out edge-to-edge on the film right to blanking, but no further. 
Since there is no "standard" for what an overscanned monitor is, I think
"windowboxing" the image beyond that -- matting it on the left and right
slightly, in addition to top and bottom -- is excessive and just makes the
image even smaller and harder to see than it already is.  

We also do the same thing for 1.85 matted transfers:  I make it a point to zoom
out edge-to-edge on left and right so that the wackos who buy these laserdiscs
(including myself) get a little more left/right image area for their money,
compared to the flat or pan/scan transfer.  

--Marc Wielage
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