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Re: Letterboxing

I would have to agree that zooming out beyond edge of picture at blanking
tends to create too small a viewing area when letterboxing, especially when
the aspect ratio is 2:35 or thereabouts.  In fact, there are some cases with
anamorphic films in which it is necessary to zoom in a bit in order to hide
the splice marks at the top or bottom of frame.  Unfortunately, this does
lead to some loss of  the left/right info, but the alternative of extending
the matte lines farther into the vertical area isn't all that great either,
since that changes the aspect ratio, and there are too many of those
laserdisc fanatics( I, too am one of those) who are actually measuring
letterbox size.  The editor of Widescreen Review uses the same cursor
generator most of us use to publish the precise ratio of a transfer, and
complains when its not exact.

David Bernstein
The Post Group