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Re: 8mm xfers

>Ken Robinson commented:  "I think that only the BBC were doing 8mm of Ranks in
>the UK."
>Not so.  Fototronics has a regular 8mm gate at their facility in Burbank, and
>if I'm not mistaken, I think Rank now has one for rent as well.  That's in
>addition to the Super 8mm one.

Just an additional data point, a company in Mass. (I believe lexington)
named Brodsky and Treadway do very fine work in the 8mm and Super8mm
department.  They do not have a Rank, and I am not sure what exactly they
DO use, but I have seen their work, and it is extremely impressive.  I have
sent several customers their way and they have been quite happy.  Nice
people, they do good work (all unsupervised I think), and they are really
into 8mm and Super8 and do a fine job with it.

Jim Lindner
The Magnetic Media Restoration Company
vidipax at panix.com