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Re: Letterboxing

David Bernstein sez:  "The editor of Widescreen Review uses the same cursor
generator most of us use to publish the precise ratio of a transfer, and
complains when its not exact."

Yeah, but I've warned Gary Reber at WIDESCREEN time and time again that his
Pogle reticle generator's measurements are totally bogus if the set's sizing
isn't absolutely precise -- that is, if a circle isn't a perfect circle -- and
it will also depend on the amount of cut-off on which he bases his
measurements.  Eventually, I'll drag him into a telecine bay and will
demonstrate this for him.

For the record, I'm the wacko who occasionally writes the "Inside Telecine"
column for the magazine, when I'm wearing my "writer" hat instead of my "prima
donna telecine colorist" hat.  Generally, I think I get 99% of the facts right,
but I take no responsibility for the controversies in other parts of the
magazine (unless my name is on them).  I think the mag as a whole gets more
right than it does wrong, though, and has a clearer grasp of transfer
technology than, say, PERFECT VISION.  

--Marc Wielage
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