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Re: Methods of doing 3-perf?

At 6:06 PM 6/10/95, Neil B. Feldman wrote:
>Hi Dave.
>3-perf using any standard 4-perf gate is a built-in feature of the
>Meta-Speed Digital Servo System.
>        -Neil Feldman at Video Post and Transfer:  "I never Meta-Speed I
>didn't like" - quote stolen from Mike Orton who stole it from someone

Hi Guys. It a shame the Meta-Speed cant automatically drop into place the=
 knackered (British expression) old tube, with a burn the size of=
 Connecticut, that we all have to keep in the wings to do these *insane*=
 formats. It seems to me a case of cheapness at our expense. At the big "E",=
 we are most reluctant to put a 3-perf burn on a $18000 1861 gold tube.=
 Jeez, my car didn't cost much more than that!=20

BTW I stole the quote from Michael Morreale, a producer and purveyor of=
 sooth here at Edit-hell. Producers have to have a sense of humor with all=
 those wierd requests out there! Thanx Michael=20